Sweat it all out! A sauna session is just right for relaxing after an action-packed day. In the winter, you may use our small but attractive sauna area every afternoon. On request, we will also heat the sauna for you in the summer.

Available to you:

Finnish sauna

Strengthen your health in the Finnish sauna at a temperature of 85 to 105 degrees C and a pleasantly low level of humidity. A visit to the Finnish sauna stimulates your circulation, assists your body detoxify and encourages the development of your body-own immune system. Sauna sessions between 15 and 20 minutes with a subsequent rest phase are recommended.

Steam bath

In the steam bath, you will be greeted by a temperature between 38 and 40 degrees and an air humidity of 70 percent. The pleasant steam fortifies your immune system and revitalises body and soul. Furthermore, the mild warmth ensures excellent bathing fun.

Relaxation room

Relax between sauna sessions in our relaxation room. The pleasant warmth, the scent and peace in these beautiful premises all contribute towards your well-being.

Sauna cabin

Entdecken Sie unsere Zimmer - In den kuscheligen Betten finden Sie Nacht für Nacht tiefen Schlaf und können schon vom nächsten Tag in den Alpen träumen.

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